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We often come across company representatives who offer high-quality professional services or products, but lack funds for further growth. They don’t know where to begin and where to obtain information. We also see many companies that have been successful in obtaining a grant but are now finding how much administrative work subsidies involve, and that they lack the necessary skills and capacity.

This is why for the past twenty years we have been providing administrative support for grants and subsidies in the area of community service. Our speciality is focusing on end-to-end financial management – from planning, searching for suitable sources, preparation of budgets and grant and subsidy applications, and monitoring disbursement of funds to final reports and audits.

What we offer

Over the years we have developed a logical and coherent financial management system that we will customize for you and your company and accounting software. Its application will not require you to make any further investments, and you yourself will decide to what extent you want to work with us depending on your current needs and abilities.


  • plan disbursement of funds;
  • monitor your organization’s budget and those of individual projects;
  • work with co-financing for your projects;
  • check that final financial reports are aligned with accounting;
  • prepare error-free financial reports for your donors.



Do you have an excellent idea, but don’t know what you should do next and where you should start looking for funds for your project? We’ll be glad to show you where to begin, and we will help you configure your company’s processes for maximum efficiency.


We will draw up a suitable budget for you in accordance with current European standards and donor requirements. We will create a crucial operating budget for your organization. During the implementation of your project we will ensure that your budget’s execution is monitored (something that is often overlooked) and we can also submit regular reports for your management or donors. Once the project has been completed, we will create a final report according to the donor’s requirements.


We offer training for you and your employees in the area of financial management – How should you manage documents to make things as easy as possible in the future? Which budget items are critical, and which ones will you never need? Perhaps at the last minute you will discover a suitable challenge for your project and will need to immediately prepare a project for application submission. We’ll prepare you for all these eventualities.


Audit reports require thorough preparation with respect to Czech and European legislative processes. We will go through and check all documentation with you so that the audit goes smoothly and you don’t run the risk of losing some of your funding.


Over the years we have built personal relationships with donors both in the Czech Republic and abroad, especially in Brussels. We will be glad to accompany you to meetings with these institutions or will represent you and negotiate a favourable starting position on your behalf.


We have been dealing with European grants and government subsidies for over 20 years, and can find solutions to problems faced by recipients as well as those providing grants and subsidies. We have implemented a number of financial projects with varying degrees of difficulty, from small subsidies to large grant schemes. Below are some of our important clients.


We have applied our system at the Institute of Documentary Film and six years one are continuously improving it. Because this institution is financed from a broad range of sources (Brussels, other European sources, and domestic regional ones), we were able to apply our product to its full extent. We confirmed its quality during successful audits from Brussels as well as within the scope of the Czech Republic.


NROS is one of the most important non-profit organizations in the Czech Republic. It focuses on developing civil society and the Czech non-profit sector. The experience we gained at NROS allows us to view subsidy issues from both the perspective of a recipient and that of a donor. Over the course of ten years we implemented grant schemes including pre-accession assistance, global grants, and Norwegian Funds. As part of this project we issued a joint publication with Revue Prostor: Norwegian Inspiration: Civil Society Culture in a Czech-Norwegian Dialogue, which deals with civil society here and in Norway, and which was published in Czech and Norwegian.


During the course of our cooperation we participated in the administration and preparation of subsidy proceedings for the Government Council for Drug Policy Coordination and on a concept for funding anti-drug services in the Czech Republic. We also participated in preparations for the Social Inclusion Agency.

RECOMMENDATIONS from our clients and colleagues

Our activities are primarily intended for non-profit organizations. We have up-to-date and comprehensive knowledge of Czech and international grants and subsidies (municipalities, regions, ministries, the Visegrad Region, the EU, and others). However, these sources are often also very applicable to business entities.

22 HLAV s.r.o.

Miroslava Nebuželská, Managing Director

“We have been working with people from ABBS for over 10 years on project and company audits of various organizations for which they work. We have always found them to be professional, knowledgeable, and exacting. We also appreciate that they are simultaneously highly professional and down-to-earth.”

The Association of Czech Animation Film

Michal Podhradský, Deputy Chairman

“Our association has successfully applied for both domestic and European subsidies. However, with time the amount of work involved in their administration became a great burden on us, at the expense of quality. ABBS helped us implement a functional system, trained our accountant, and prepared our accounts so our audit went very smoothly. We intend to continue to working with ABBS, and will attempt to obtain additional funding from other sources.”

ADAR, s.r.o.

Radana Čermáková, Director

“We have been working with ABBS for many years, both as a direct supplier or services and as a partner on external contracts. Our company specializes in accounting and taxes for the non-profit sector, and in this area working with Alena and Bojan is excellent. How they do their work, its quality and accuracy, and their proactive approach are just some of the good qualities of ABBS. Above all we value their ability to communicate, react swiftly, and provide accounting information for a non-profit organization so that all is in accordance with accounting and tax legislation as well as with the requirements of subsidy providers.”

Eurodan, s.r.o.

Rodan Svoboda, Managing Director

“We have been working with ABBS for many years on the development of an internal management system in the area of financing of organizations funded by subsidies and grants from both domestic and international sources. This involves addition of custom software as well as integrating the entire system into the organization’s internal rules. They are an absolutely professional and creative team equipped with a broad range of skills.”


We’re looking forward to working with you.

RNDr. Alena Beránková

RNDr. Alena Beránková

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Bojan Schuch

Bojan Schuch

Managing Director
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